Victoria Cruises Line Offers a Unique Residential Cruise Experience 


Victoria Cruises Line announced a unique but affordable experience at sea featuring a long-term, live-aboard residential cruise experience.

Starting in May 2023, the company's two ships Victoria Amazing and Victoria Majestic will provide a long-term, live-aboard rental residential cruise opportunity with enticing amenities including world-class restaurants, entertainment, activities, and traveling to more than 200 inspiring global destinations
The travel possibilities are endless. Adventurous travelers could sample delicious red Chianti in sunny Tuscany, take a tour of ancient Greek mythology, watch polar bears in Spitsbergen, Norway, catch an underwater glimpse of the marine wonderland of St. Kitts, be amazed by the stunning sight of giant elephant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands, or take a mystical Andean trek in the Mayan land of Peru.
These are just some of the more than 200 exciting destinations that Victoria Cruises Line will visit when the Victoria Amazing and Victoria Majestic Ocean liners, operating as elegant and exclusive houseboats, launch in May 2023 from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Please note that the departure date may change due to occupancy rates.
With its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, Victoria Cruises Line offers travel enthusiasts an intriguing adults-only (18 years or over) adventure to rent luxury suites and premium staterooms for a minimum of six months, or long-term for an unlimited maximum period.  
Victoria Cruises Line's around-the-world trip will take approximately 27 months with about 540 days spent at ports. The boats will spend an average of 1-7 days in each port, so its guests can explore not only the port city but also the surrounding villages at their leisure.
"Victoria Cruises Line offers our customers a unique lifestyle that is completely new to the shipping industry," said Olavs Zvinelis, CEO of Victoria Cruises Line. "We provide rental cabins at affordable prices to clients who want to live on a boat and travel the world without any strings attached. It's our mission to deliver a unique houseboat experience for our residents, who will live on board like a little family."

Zvinelis added that so far 50% of the ship's staterooms and suites have already been reserved by clients and the majority have chosen the unlimited, undefined rental period.

Top benefits and features of Victoria Cruises Line's distinctive life at sea offering:
•    Discover the world by visiting 200-plus enticing destinations.
•    Make a cruise ship your home and save dramatically on your living costs.
•    Free and unlimited internet use.
•    Each of the ships' inside cabins has an LCD monitor so that passengers can view images from the ship's exterior cameras.

If Victoria Cruises Line's first ships are a success, they will look to expand their fleet while keeping the focus on maintaining a high quality of service.
"We have no competitors. Our value for money is by far the best, even compared to classic cruise ships," said Zvinelis. "Rather than the ownership option, which is too costly for many, Victoria Cruises Line is proposing an intermediate solution: chartering. This will give people a much more affordable way to travel and live on a houseboat. In summary, a houseboat lifestyle can offer much more than a classic cruise."

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