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CruiseDig boasts a robust database containing cruise ship itineraries from all major cruise lines, along with port schedules worldwide. We offer an extensive set of analytic tools for generating reports on future, present, and historical data. Our highly skilled professionals specialize in providing custom-tailored data to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Cruise & Ports Data

CruiseDig's suite of tools generates detailed reports based on various parameters, allowing for customization by region, country, or specific ports. This flexibility enables users to gain insights into the dynamics of the cruise industry at a granular level.

Understanding the significance of port schedules in the cruise industry, CruiseDig grants users the ability to access this information in their preferred format. Whether interested in details related to cruise ship arrivals, cruise lines, or inbound/outbound calls for a port, CruiseDig's tools can generate organized and easy-to-read schedules. Reports can be based on cruise lines' sailings by region, country, or specific port, enhancing the precision of the information provided.

Our Database

We provide data on past cruise voyages in an Excel file with complete information organized in the following format: cruise ship, date, ports, and arrival-departure times. Having collected and processed cruise ship data since 2020, our current database includes information on approximately 320 cruise ships, with ongoing efforts to expand our list.

CruiseDig offers various data sets and raw data to cater to your specific needs. For those with a technical team, raw data is particularly beneficial as it allows the creation of custom research or reports. Our flexible data format supports CSV, JSON, SQL, and more.

Our database includes cruise itineraries dating back to 2014 to 2020, with this historical data available exclusively in CSV format. CruiseDig remains dedicated to providing accurate and detailed information to support your cruise industry endeavors.

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