MSC Cruises has announced it will take its award-winning offerings for children and families to new heights aboard its latest flagship, MSC Euribia , which will begin sailing this June. The new programme, which adds to MSC Cruises' already innovative and engaging experiences at sea, will give guests of all ages the opportunity to enjoy a range of exciting new entertainment, creating the conditions for an ideal holiday for the whole family.

As a family-owned company, a key component of MSC Cruises' offering is to provide exceptional entertainment for families. The new and revolutionary children's area of ​​MSC Euribia will feature 700 square meters of internal space dedicated to children and teenagers, with seven rooms , each of which will be dedicated to different age groups, from 0 to 17 years. Two rooms will be dedicated to sustainability, to help educate children about the importance of the environment, and one to technological innovation in the digital age.

Matteo Mancini, Youth Entertainment Senior Manager of MSC Cruises, said : "We are thrilled to announce our offer for families on board MSC Euribia. Designed with the latest technologies and taking into account current trends, we want to meet the needs of the new generations of children and their families for years to come. Onboard entertainment will reflect MSC Euribia's message of sustainability, with new technologies and environmental components integrated into the cruising experience."

On board, the fun never stops with the ship's incredible world-class entertainment running from 9am to midnight. Highlights of the new offer on board MSC Euribia include:

Chicco Eco Baby Club: Designed by Artsana group with a sustainable approach, the ship's new Chicco Eco + Baby club, in collaboration with renowned children's brand Chicco, will feature a dedicated play area for infants and younger children at three years old. The space will entertain children with several safe and eco-friendly toys made with 80% recycled plastic or 67% organic and recycled plastic.

MSC Foundation Youth Centre: The ship will have a room dedicated to children who will be able to participate in fun and educational activities to learn more about the importance of the environment, while adults will have the opportunity to learn more about the programs and causes of the MSC Foundation .
Extra space in the Teens Club: To offer even more space and activities to meet the needs of MSC Cruises' teenage guests, the innovative new space will feature a dedicated teen lounge with a wide variety of fun games, including PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, VR foosball, ping pong and more.
World Quest: Guests will be invited to take an interactive journey on board with the ship's exciting new game show, featuring an engaging quiz show based on world geography and trivia. The lucky winners will also have the opportunity to receive prizes.
Caravaggio: For the first time on board, MSC Cruises has created an unforgettable spy game show dedicated to art. The immersive game will allow guests to investigate a theft in an art museum, trying to find out where a precious painting was stolen from and attempting to catch the thief.

Children's Clubs on board include:

For children: Chicco Eco Baby Club (0 -2 years) with qualified and certified personnel for the care of the youngest guests.
For the youngest: Mini Club Lego (3 - 6 years) and Juniors Club Lego (7 - 11 years).
For older kids: Young Club (12-14 years), Teens Club (15-17 years) and Teens Lab (12-17 years).
For children and adults: MSC Foundation Youth Centre

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