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Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Cruise Port Guide Info


Located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico, St. Thomas is a small, beautiful, and the most visited of all U.S. Virgin Islands. Nestled in the picturesque bay in the south of St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie is the capital and the main cruise port featuring numerous historical landmarks, duty-free shops, restaurants, bars, and rich tourist offer when it comes to activities. The cruise port has two main terminals: the Havensight cruise terminal and the Crown Bay cruise terminal, located on the opposite sides of the capital. Sometimes, if the port is busy, cruise ships drop the anchor in the middle of the bay and use tender boats to transfer the passengers ashore.

Havensight cruise terminal is located in the eastern part of Charlotte Amalie and has three berths. The city center is within a 20-minute walking distance, and the terminal area consists of a variety of cafes, restaurants, duty-free outlet shops, and many local vendors offering car rentals and tours. 
On the other side, in the western part of the capital, the Crown Bay terminal has two berths and is around 3 km (1.8 mi) far away from the city. The walk is long and not very scenic, so the best way to get into the town is by taxi that runs regularly for a small fee. The terminal area consists of gift shops, several bar-restaurants, and you’ll find many local vendors as well. 

The capital city is an interesting, lively place where you can find numerous historic landmarks such as Blackbeard’s Castle, the 17th-century watchtower, and a castle located on a hill overlooking the harbor. To get to the castle, you need to climb 99 steps – a long, brick staircase surrounded by lush nature and plenty of colorful flowers, offering unique views of the coast and the capital.

A few blocks further, another important historical sight – Fort Christian, dominates the bay. It is a Dano-Norwegian fortification erected in the 17th century for defense purposes, and nowadays a major site where you can soak up local history and learn about St. Thomas’s colonial and slave historical periods.

The city also has wonderful parks located only a stone’s throw from the fort – the Emancipation Garden, commemorating the abolition of slavery, and Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Park, a beautiful and relaxing area to walk around. 

When it comes to the beaches, there are several nice sandy beaches outside the city that you can best reach by taxi: Morningstar Beach, Lindberg Bay Beach, Brewers Bay Beach (beaches are within a 10-15 minute driving distance). However, the most beautiful and most famous beach on the island – Magens Bay Beach, is located on the north coast, within a 15-20 minute driving distance from the capital. It is a long stretch of sugar-white sandy beach offering all kinds of facilities, including a variety of water sports.

St. Thomas is a stunning island, and you can choose between sightseeing, shopping, beach break, adventure activities (zip lines, snorkeling, scuba diving), or a cruise to St. John island, offering beautiful nature and amazing snorkeling. Whatever your options are, get ready for a fun-filled and memorable day in St.Thomas.

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