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Valetta is the capital of Malta and Europe’s smallest capital city. It is located on the biggest island of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean. Three inhabited islands form the Maltese archipelago: Malta, Gozo and Comino. The population in Valetta in 2014 was 6,444, so you can imagine that small piece of land, perfect for walking. Hidden streets and views appear around almost every corner and it is great just to admire the architecture, especially with the sun setting, which adds to its shadows and glow. The city was named after Jean Parisot de Valette, who succeeded in defending the island from an Ottoman invasion during the Great Siege of Malta. 

Where do cruise ships dock?
Cruise ships typically dock at the Valletta Waterfront Cruise Terminal in Valletta, Malta. The Valletta Waterfront Cruise Terminal is conveniently located just a short walk away from the heart of Valletta, making it easily accessible on foot. You do not need transportation to reach the town center, as it is within walking distance from the cruise terminal. Valletta is compact and pedestrian-friendly, allowing cruise passengers to explore its historic streets, architecture, museums, and vibrant culture with ease. You can simply walk from the cruise terminal and start your adventure in Valletta without the need for additional transportation.

Malta gained independence from a dwindling British Empire in 1964. Tiny remnants of England are recognizable here and there while walking the streets. History can be seen throughout the city however, with Valetta’s fortified roots on display. Over the last 2,000 years, Malta’s timeline reads a who’s who of coinquirers. Naming only a handful, there are The Romans, The Normans, The Turkish, The Spanish, The French and The British.

The Maltese people are a mixture of many Mediterranean cultures, Catholicism the dominant religion.
And even as recent as the second World War, the Maltese Islands were a highly prized base being ought over once again. Due to the courage and bravery shown by the Maltese people during a prolonged attempted invasion, they are the only country to be awarded with the George Cross. Numerous cannons are spread around the city, but the most popular site for all the cannon enthusiasts is the Saluting Battery.

Build following the Great Siege of Malta, the entrance is through the Barrakka Gardens, overlooking the Grand Harbor. Every Monday to Saturday, there is a cannon firing at noon at 4pm.
Places to visit:

St. John Co-Cathedral is built by the Order of St John in the 16th century. It is a Roman Catholic co-cathedral, known as Church of the Knights. The street has his name too, St. John Street. It is one of the most important monuments on the island, with all tapestries and silver object. The marble tombstones on the Cathedral’s floor remind us of the lost lives of the Knights and the great Caravaggio’s works found its place in its small museum. 

Palace of the Grand Masters is now a home of the Maltese Parliament. The main hallway is lined with a fresco that pictures the Great Siege. Also, the Armory of the Knights is displayed there. 

National Museum of Archaeology with artefacts from prehistory, Pjhoenician times and a notable numismatic collection. Many paintings, furniture and sculptures from famous artists can be found there. 
Upper Barakka Gardens are a public garden in Valetta. Together with the Lower Barakka Gardens in the same city, they offer a panoramic view of the Grand Harbor, the one with the cannons. 

Fort St. Elmo is a star fort, standing on the seaward shore of the Sciberras Peninsula that divides Marsamxsett Harbor from Grand Harbor. It is best known for its role in the Great Siege of Malta in the 1565. The Fort was used as the setting of the film Midnight Express.

Beyond Valetta

Mdina is a fortified city and a previous capital of Malta. With its history spanning 4,000 years, its been dubbed “The Silent City” and has become a perfect time capsule that speaks for itself. 

Mosta is a small but densely populated city n the Northern Region of Malta. The most prominent building is the Rotunda, a large basilica , which features one of the world’s largest unsupported domes, and displays a replica of the World War II bombshell that famously crushed through the dome, but did not detonate upon impact

The Valletta port serves as the key entry point to Malta's abundant historical and cultural treasures. This acclaimed Valletta Cruise Port is strategically positioned within a naturally deep harbor, ensuring accessibility for ships of all sizes throughout the year. The port's quays adhere to ISPS compliance standards, making them capable of accommodating even the most sizable cruise vessels. With three dedicated passenger facilities, the primary terminal is housed within the storied Magazino Hall, seamlessly blending history and modern convenience.



Maximum ship dimensions for berth

Length: 360mtr
Width: no restrictions
Draught: 12mtr


Available: yes
Ship tenders allowed: yes
Tugs available: yes
Tidal movement/range: 0.5mtr max


Total number of quays: 8
Total length of quays: Pinto 1/2: 307mtr, Pinto 3: 171mtr, Pinto 4/5: 252mtr, Gun Wharf: 80mtr, Wine Wharf: 73mtr, Boiler Wharf: 383mtr, Deep Water Quay: 488mtr, Lab Wharf Quay: 443mtr
Quay depth: 11mtr
Passenger terminals: 3


City centre: 1.5km
Airport: 7km

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