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Lying on the banks of Turia River, on the eastern coast of Spain, Valencia is one of the major cruise ports in the western Mediterranean Sea. The cruise terminal is located 6 kilometers from the city center, and consists of 5 berths: two of them can accommodate cruise ships less than 300m long, and three of them are mainly used for large passenger cruise ships with a length of over 300m. The terminal also provides regular ferry transportation services to and from the Balearic Islands, as well as to and from Algeria between the ports of Valencia and Mostaganem. 
Cruise companies normally provide shuttle buses for their cruise passengers for an additional fee; shuttle buses drop off/pick up point is near Valencia’s Old Town area, and the ride itself lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on the traffic. 
Valencia cruise terminal for large cruise ships consists of several facilities, such as a parking area for buses/shuttles and taxis, a security scanner, a passenger canopy tent. The terminal building is located further away and is mainly used by ferry and smaller ships’ cruise passengers. 

Valencia is a beautiful city with a wide range of sightseeing options. The first thing you have to do is head over to the Old Town area and start exploring the old part of the city. Visit magnificent 14th-century Serranos Gate that you can climb and admire a panoramic view of Valencia, and then continue on foot to two beautiful squares: Plaza de la Reina and Plaza de la Virgin, where the most important building of Valencia is located: an imposing Cathedral of Valencia, that also houses a museum where the Holy Chalice of Valencia is kept. You can visit the Cathedral and museum for a fee, and there is an option to book an audio tour as well. 

Gastronomy lovers should visit Mercado Central – a picturesque marketplace where you can choose among a wide variety of sweets, exotic fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and other delicacies. On the opposite side of the market is La Lonja de la Seda, the famous Silk Market, located in the building that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Also, don’t forget to stop by Plaza del Ayuntamiento where the impressive building of Town Hall with its clock-tower is located, before heading to North Station and the famous Valencia Bullring – two popular tourist attractions reachable within a walking distance from your shuttle bus drop off point. 
If you are into arts and science, there is a true paradise waiting for you on the outskirts of the city – a large complex of the City of Arts and Sciences, home to the Oceanographic museum, the world’s largest marine park, and a perfect spot for families. Overall, Valencia is a true Mediterranean gem well worth visiting.

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