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Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and looks like something out of a fairy tale due to its well-preserved medieval structures. So much so, that the old part of the city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. Although it is a relatively small city, there are plenty things to see.

The cruise port is located about 2 kilometers from the center of Tallinn, making it possible to reach it by foot. You can also take bus 2 that leaves from Terminal A. The ride takes about 5 minutes. And the bus leaves every 20 minutes. There is also shuttle bus service offered by the cruise lines.
What to see in Tallinn
Town Hall Square
It is the place where almost all the streets of the old part of Tallinn begin and end. Its shops, restaurants and the town hall on one side make it the center of social and political life. The town hall has a 64-meter bell tower, which can be accessed. A peculiar tourist attraction is that in this square is the supposedly oldest pharmacy in Europe. It dates from 1422 and still has its original objects. In addition, every year it becomes a Christmas market, with a large Christmas tree.
Alexander Nevski Cathedral
Located in the historic center of the city, it is part of the buildings that were declared a World Heritage Sites. It was built when Estonia was part of the Russian Empire. As a reminder of Russian rule, it was ordered to be demolished in 1924, but this never happen. You have to walk a bit to get there, but it is worth the view it offers.

Saint Olaf Church
Around this church there is an interesting legend. It became the tallest building in the world between 1549 and 1625, and it is believed that this was important so that the city had a landmark symbol which could be seen from the sea. However, its construction was hardly completed because it was rumored that there was a curse that would kill anyone who finished the church. Some time later a man appeared who asked for a large sum of money to fulfill the task, and he did. He died falling from the tower while placing the cross. True or not, the church suffered from several fires and reconstructions, reducing its height to 124 meters. Admission is free, you just have to pay to climb the tower and appreciate the views of Tallinn from above.
Tallinn TV Tower
At more than 314 meters high, Tallinn TV Tower is the tallest building in Tallinn. This is perfect place to appreciate the entire city. It has a 360 ° observation platform, 170 meters high, so you can enjoy the views. A high-speed elevator is used to go up, allowing you to reach the platform in less than a minute. In addition, you will be able to see a 3D film about the history of telecommunications in the country and about the television tower.

Kadriorg Park
The park was designed to surround the Kadriorg Palace, which was conceived by Peter the Great, the Russian Tsar, for his wife Catherine I. It currently houses several modest museums and art galleries, including the Kumu Art Museum which focuses on Estonian art. Also here is the residence of the president. Although it is a bit far from the historic center, it is recommended to visit its majestic garden and works of art.
Olde Hansa Restaurant
This is the ideal location if you are looking to live a different gastronomic experience. This thematic restaurant makes its visitors feel as if they were in the Middle Ages, eating the typical food cooked the same and with utensils of the time. An advantage is that the menu is in different languages, including Spanish. Try cinnamon beer, bear, wild boar, and more interesting dishes.
Tallinn Zoo
It is the only zoo in Estonia and it was opened in 1939. It has more than 500 different species, including polar bears, black rhinos and African elephants; distributed in some 89 hectares of forest and set spaces. It should be noted that the zoo is divided into an old and a new part. The old woman can be considered as the nightmare of any nature lover, since the animals, for lack of funds, are in unsuitable cages. Therefore, donations are urgently sought to condition better environments. On the other hand, the new part does have comfortable areas for the animals.
KGB cells
In Tallinn, the KGB had its operations. In the historic center of the city, it is open to the public, a reminder of Soviet domination and it is the prison where the supposed enemies of the State were sent. There these people were tortured before being executed or transferred to Siberia. It is a good way to relive history and the entrance costs 5 euros.

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