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Southampton Is located on the South coast of England and is best known as the port where the Titanic departed in 1912 carrying 3,327 passengers and met its fateful end days later as she hit an iceberg on the way to New York causing her to sink. Another famous ship, the Mayflower which sailed from Southampton transporting the Pilgrim Fathers to America was back in 1620. It was one of the top ten cities in the UK to have been bombed during the war.

Southampton is a busy port that each year sees as many as 1.5 million passengers and almost 450 cruise ships through its 5 cruise ship terminals with the newest addition being the ‘Horizon’ Cruise Terminal. The others being ‘The Queen Elizabeth II, City, Ocean and Mayflower’ terminals. Cruise lines are not tied to any particular terminal.
The railway and coach stations at Southampton are within 400 yards of each other in the city centre and a couple of miles from the terminal. There are no shuttles to any of Southampton’s five cruise terminals.

Southampton also has a wealth of places of interest for you to see. The Royal Victoria Military Hospital, which Florence Nightingale herself helped design. Ocean Village can be found in the old town in Princess Alexandra Dock, which has been transformed into a fantastic place to shop and take part in leisure activities. Canute’s Pavilion is great for people watching in the harbour of luxury yachts as well as for shopping, eating and entertainment including a cinema and art-house.

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