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Montego Bay Cruise Port Guide Info


Montego Bay is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Jamaica and one of the major Jamaican cruise ports located in the north-west of the island. The cruise terminal, known as Montego Bay Freeport, is a duty-free area lying 5 km (3 mi) from the city center.

The cruise port can accommodate up to 4 large cruise ships simultaneously and consists of a terminal building that has some of the basic facilities, such as a tourist information desk, duty-free shops, souvenir stores, restrooms. In front of the building, you can find taxis and shuttle buses that will drive you to the downtown area for a fee, as well as the tour buses for passengers joining cruise line shore excursions.

Montego Bay is the second-largest city in Jamaica and one of the busiest and most crowded cities on the island. The road that connects the cruise port and Montego Bay downtown is crowded and it can take time until you reach your final destination. Montego Bay is beautiful, lively and very scenic town.

It has a wonderful beach, Doctor’s Cave beach, the most popular spot in the city packed with both locals and tourists. There is a small entrance fee to pay before entering the beach complex, which features sunbeds and umbrella rentals, a couple of restaurants, and beach bars. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear, turquoise waters and soft, warm sand. The surrounding area is full of shops, markets, restaurants, and very busy with traffic.

If you want to soak up some local history and architecture, head over to the Sam Sharpe Square, named after the Jamaican national hero, where you can admire the colorful houses and the Cage, an anti-slavery monument. On the square, you can find Montego Bay Cultural Center, housed in a former courthouse, and transformed into the museum and art gallery. Here you can learn about Jamaica’s rich cultural and historical heritage, walk around the art gallery, and learn about how the island has developed over years.

The plantation houses are also among the top attractions of the island, and you can visit a few of them: Bellefield Great House, located within 15 minutes driving distance from the cruise port, boasts lush green vegetation, antique furnishings, and interesting history; Greenwood Great House, 28 km away from the port, features beautiful views and a stunning 18-th century mansion.

Rose Hall Great House, located 20 km from the port, is the 18th-century Georgian mansion housing a historic house museum, known for the legendary White Witch of Rose Hall and stories of a haunting in Jamaica. It is a must-see place and the whole area is famous for golf courses, nice hotels, restaurants, breathtaking views of the coast, and a lot of greenery. 
You can choose to go sightseeing, wander around the streets of Montego Bay, or enjoy Jamaican delicious food and drinks at one of the numerous restaurants and beach bars (Margaritaville is the top choice). Read more about Jamaica in the article: Top 5 Vacation Spots In Jamaica

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