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Labadee Cruise Port Guide Info


A paradise for cruisers and a beautiful private resort located in the north of Haiti, within the arrondissement of Cap-Haitien, Labadee (Labadie) is a small piece of land leased to Royal Caribbean Group for the exclusive use of their cruise passengers. It is a private resort destination designed to suit the guests’ needs and make their day enjoyable, fun-filled, and relaxing. 
Labadee port features docking facilities and can accommodate two cruise ships simultaneously. 

Everything in Labadee is within walking distance (the furthermost place is a 20-minute walk from the resort entrance), and in case you can’t or don’t want to walk, you can use a trolley that runs frequently and is free of charge. There is assistance for wheelchair users as well.
Labadee consists of three restaurants, a few bars, and all food and drinks served in the resort come from the ship. The food and some basic drinks served during lunchtime (soft juices, water) are free of charge, whereas the drinks from the bars are for an additional cost. 

There are three beaches where you can go: Nellie’s Beach, Columbus Cove, and Adrenaline Beach. On all three beaches, you can use sunbeds for free, while the umbrellas are for rent. You can also rent private cabanas and loungers if you want more privacy, and these you can either pre-book, book onboard (recommended), or rent on-site. Nellie’s Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach, not very long and family-friendly. Columbus Cove is longer, also sandy, suitable for families and features the waterslide and the aqua park for kids (for an additional charge).

As the aqua park has age restrictions, there is a free splash zone for toddlers and babies located near Nellie’s Beach. Adrenaline Beach is located on the opposite side of Nellie’s Beach and Columbus Cove, and has some rocky parts so make sure you bring your water shoes to feel more comfortable. 

Labadee offers many amusement activities for both adults and kids, and those are for an extra charge. The most popular activities are Dragon’s Flight Zipline, Fire Flight Zipline (head-first), Dragon’s Coaster, Dragon’s Waterslide, Aqua Park, Kayak ride, Jet-ski ride, and a few others. 
There are also shore excursions that you can book if you want to explore the surrounding area (Labadee is a private resort secured by guards and guests cannot leave it on their own). These excursions are Amiga Island and Paradise Cove getaway, walking tours of the local village, historic tours and workshops, snorkeling tours, cruises along the Haitian coast, and more. You need to pre-book or book onboard the shore excursions, whereas the amusement activities you can book in the resort as well. 

Please, note that the SeaPass cards (ship cards) are used for booking all additional activities and services in the resort (amusement activities, umbrellas, loungers and cabana rentals, drinks from bars). You need cash only for a souvenir gift shop (the one located in the middle of the resort; there is one by the entrance, and there you use a ship card) and a flea market/artisan village where you will find many local people selling clothes, handicrafts, and souvenirs. They accept cash. 
Labadee is a truly unique place and a wonderful destination where you can have an adrenaline-packed day, soak up local history, relax at the beach, indulge in delicious food, or discover Haitian hidden gems. It has something for everyone, and it’s up to you to choose how to spend a day in this Royal Caribbean’s tropical paradise.

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