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Nestled along the northwestern coast of Spain, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the seaport of La Coruña has been the main getaway to the picturesque Spanish region of Galicia for centuries. The cruise terminal is located on the Trasatlánticos quay, in the heart of the city, and a 5-minute walk away from the main pedestrian zone. The terminal is brand new and offers facilities such as a tourist information center and access to the shopping mall Los Cantones, situated right across the dock.

La Coruna’s Old Town and the city center are located around 400 meters walking distance from the cruise ship terminal – all you have to do is cross the street and you’ll reach the main pedestrian street Rúa Real, filled with a variety of branded stores and souvenir shops. Wandering the narrow streets of the Old Town, you’ll come across numerous cafes, tapas bars, restaurants, grocery stores, markets.


The city is old and boasts centuries-old squares, such as the main Maria Pita square, the largest city square dominated by the imposing building of the Town Hall. Further away, 1 kilometer from the square, you’ll reach one of the longest seafront promenades in Europe – true pride of the residents of La Coruña where you’ll see many of them jogging, riding a bike, or taking a nice, long walk. The promenade stretches along two public beaches: Praia de Riazor and Playa del Orzán, and following the rocky, twisted coast up to the north, you’ll reach the Tower of Hercules, the iconic symbol of the city and the oldest Roman lighthouse still in use.


The lighthouse is an impressive structure and the most visited monument of the city, located about 2.4 kilometers from the center of La Coruña, in the beautiful coastal park overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
La Coruña is also a popular spot for cruise ship passengers due to its close distance to Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, and the thousands-year-old pilgrimage center for the Christian world. Santiago de Compostela can be reached by bus (cruise lines offer shore excursions to get you there) or by car (private arrangement). It is 77 kilometers away and takes an hour's drive to reach the city. 

However, if you decide to stay in the town, our suggestion is to go for some wine tasting, as the Galician wine is world-known for its outstanding quality and delicious taste. 
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