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Buenos Aries Cruise Port Guide Info


Located on the Rio de la Plata on the South American east coast of Argentina, Buenos Aires is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities on this side of the continent.
Buenos Aries is Argentine’s largest cruise port, as well as the country`s main cargo port. The Cruise Passenger Terminal, also known as Terminal de Cruceros Quinquela Martín, was completed in 2000. Buenos Aires seaport is so important to the city that residents are called Porteños, or people of the port. The port itself has a shopping area where you can find many souvenirs and traditional sweets, they may be not that affordable as they are in the city, so that’s why you should visit and spend your time in the city till the last minute.

The transportation from the port to the city is by taxi or you can take a bus in just 10 min. walking from the port, or you can walk for about 40 min. to the nearest shopping street Santa Fe Avenue where you can find small local shops as well as big shopping malls. 

Walking through the streets you can see many live performers and famous tango dancers. Santa Fe has everything for every taste and budget. 

Buenos Aires has many things to offer, one of them is Plaza de Mayo. This is the oldest public square in Buenos Aires where you can see some important buildings like Casa Rosada, Metropolitan Cathedral, and Cabildo. 

After a long walk and sightseen you have to try the Argentinian cuisine, the place to be is Puerto Madero, it’s a long street full of restaurants by the river with a beautiful view where you can taste one of the best-grilled meat, stakes, chorizos (spicy sausages) and other traditional food.

The nightlife in Buenos Aires is something that every tourist should experience. One of the best bars many tourists are visiting is Trade Sky bar located on 3 floors, the 19th  floor is a restaurant and bar, 20th is exclusive Omakase restaurant and the rooftop where you have an amazing 360 view of the city.

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