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Bridgetown, Barbados Cruise Port Guide Info


A great number of cruise ships that sail in the Caribbean are served on Barbados, one of the leading departure ports in the Caribbean. Bridgetown Cruise Port (Deep Water Harbor) is the first destination for the tourists visiting Barbados. A really attractive trait is that the center of the city is just around the corner, about a mile away. This harbor can serve up to eight cruise ships at the same time and each cruiser headed for the island docks right here. Tourists get to enjoy duty-free shopping and can get all the needed information in the tourist information services.

You can take a 20 minute relaxing stroll to reach the heart of the town. Walking towards the centre of Bridgetown, you should come across the Cheapside Market, a quite large food market mostly visited on Sunday mornings. You can take a break at St Mary’s Church which is a lovely Georgian monument and it is open most of the time. If you are not keen on walking, you can always take a mini-bus shuttle or a taxi from the port and directly get to the centre in no time. 

When we talk about tourism, Barbados is the place to be from any point of view. Highly ranked sightseeing locations are offered for your satisfaction. You can always enjoy the serenity of the luxurious interior of the plantation homes and the botanical gardens as well. 

For many tourists the beaches are the highlight of their vacations, and the ones here, such as Carlisle Bay, stretching on a long, sandy and well protected beach is a heaven on Earth. Just south of Bridgetown, the bay offers you a relaxing time spent in Boatyard, a beach bar and restaurant complex.

Of all the Caribbean islands, Barbados is the perfect place for the gastronomes. You will be tempted to spend a lot on a lunch in the most extravagant restaurant with a lovely view of the ocean - The Cliff Beach Club, near Paynes Bay, the trendiest of all. If you aren’t in the mood for spending a lot of money, a more affordable option would be Tapas on the southern coast.

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